Sure Insurance is committed to providing support to local communities in Regional Queensland.

We are Sure Insurance and we’re proud to be a new Home Insurance business that is finally bringing fairness to the Regional Queensland Home Insurance market.

To help us spread the word, we are offering clubs a chance to earn $50 per policy purchase by simply promoting Sure Insurance to your members and supporters. Members simply quote your club’s unique code on their home and or contents policy, and $50 gets added to your annual tally. Simple as that.

It is a great way to earn extra income for your organisation, for minimal effort. The Program is a simple and straightforward alternative to traditional fund-raising efforts.

Plus, there is no limit to how much you can earn!




The purpose of the Sure Community Partner Program (SCPP) is to generate funds for your organisation in exchange for assisting us to create new insurance business, or to renew an existing insurance policy, with Sure Insurance from the members and supporters associated with your organisation.
1. Sure Insurance has the exclusive right to determine which organisations are eligible to join the SCPP.
2. Your organisation agrees to promote the insurance products offered by Sure Insurance by displaying agreed advertising material within the clubrooms, such as:
▪ A3 or Larger Poster(s);
▪ an outside banner/ billboard;
▪ A4 Toilet/ Change room poster(s).
Your organisation also agrees to:
▪ distribute flyers supplied by Sure Insurance to each member of its organisation and have additional copies readily available and on prominent display. The flyer will contain a referral code unique to your organisation which should be quoted by your members when they are seeking a quote and/or completing a policy with Sure Insurance;
▪ distribute promotional emails supplied by Sure Insurance to those members on your organisations records that have agreed ‘yes’ to direct marketing;
▪ include references to the products of Sure Insurance in each of its’ periodic newsletters or publications distributed to its’ members;
▪ promote Sure Insurance on your organisation’s social media platform(s) and/ or website and/ or inhouse promotions within the organisation;
▪ provide the opportunity to representatives from Sure Insurance to address your organisation’s members at meetings and/ or presentation days.
Sure Insurance Pty Ltd ABN 72 624 109 128: AFSL 506378
3. Sure Insurance will supply and/ or authorise any marketing material to be used by your organisation in relation to the SCPP.
4. An audit of your organisation’s signage will be conducted each year by a representative from Sure Insurance at a mutually convenient time and date.
5. Your organisation agrees to act as a referral source for Sure Insurance only and has no authority to offer either general or personal insurance or financial services advice to its members.
6. In accordance with Sure Insurance Privacy Policy, only the relevant policy number and a member’s street name will be provided to the organisation and no other personal details will be released.
7. Any eligible policy, whether current (paid) new business or renewal, must contain the organisation’s Unique Referral Code (URC) in the ‘campaign code’ field to make the policy eligible for a donation from Sure Insurance under the SCPP. Should any policy be cancelled within 12 months of inception it will not be eligible for the SCPP.
8. Only one URC applies per policy and no responsibility is accepted by Sure Insurance for any late, lost or misdirected URC.
9. Any decision from Sure Insurance regarding the eligibility of your organisation for a donation is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
10. Donation funds from Sure Insurance are based on the number of policies in force as at the agreed dates of review as shown in schedule 1 to this agreement, which will generally occur once per year at season end. Donation funds are neither transferable nor exchangeable.
11. A copy of the organisations Bank Statement containing the organisation’s full legal name, BSB and account number is required for the payment of any donation. Funds will not be paid into any personal accounts.
12. The SCPP will be reviewed annually to ensure the minimum participation numbers below are satisfied, namely:
By end of year 1 – 50 new member policies*
By end of year 2 – 75 member policies (including renewals) *
By end of year 3 – 100 member policies (including renewals) *
If these minimum numbers are not satisfied the SCPP with your organisation may be cancelled by Sure Insurance. There is no penalty for an organisation exiting the program and either party may terminate the agreement at any time on 7 days written notice to the other.
*Unless otherwise agreed with Sure Insurance and the organisation.
13. The details of the SCPP may be amended by Sure Insurance from time to time which will be advised to your organisation, prior to them being implemented.
14. Sure Insurance reserves the sole right and in its’ absolute discretion to disqualify any individuals who it has reasonable grounds to believe has breached any of these SCPP terms or engaged in any unlawful or otherwise improper conduct which directly or indirectly affects the fair and proper conduct of the SCPP. Sure Insurance may take legal action to recover any loss and/or damage caused or contributed to by the individual(s).
15. Without limiting the effect of any other clause herein, Sure Insurance may, in its’ absolute discretion, amend any terms herein or any clause of its’ SCPP, subject to any applicable laws and the approval of the relevant regulatory authorities.
Sure Insurance Pty Ltd ABN 72 624 109 128: AFSL 506378
16. Sure Insurance, its’ directors, officers, executives, managers, employees, service providers, agents and their related entities will not be liable for any loss, damage or personal injury suffered by any person as a result of accepting donation funds and/or entering the SCPP.
17. If Sure Insurance, its’ directors, officers, executives, managers, employees, service providers, agents or any of their related entities are found liable by a Court of competent jurisdiction to any person in connection with the SCPP, the maximum aggregate liability of Sure Insurance, its’ related entities, service providers and agents is limited to $1.00.
18. To the extent permitted by law, Sure Insurance, its’ directors, managers, executives, employees, service providers, agents and their related entities will not be liable to any person for any direct or consequential loss or damage suffered by any person in connection with the SCPP or as a result of an organisation accepting donation funds, whether such claims are made in negligence, breach of contract, equity, breach of statute or on any other legal basis.
19. The parties agree that this SCPP is governed by the laws of the state of Queensland and consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts in the state of Queensland in Brisbane.


Fairness First

You’re in safe hands with Sure.

Sure Insurance is Queensland owned and operated. We have partnered with global insurer, Liberty Mutual Insurance Company (Liberty), who underwrite your policy. In Australia, Liberty is licensed and regulated by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) and meets all prudential requirements

All financial services in connection with your policy are provided by us, on behalf of Liberty, under our Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL 506378). Contact us for more information.