Cyclone Resilience Reinforced As Way To Cheaper Insurance: Household Resilience Grants Open

Jun 4

The Commonwealth and Queensland Governments have provided an additional $21.25 million to the Program assisting eligible Regional and North Queensland home owner-occupiers with a grant of up to 75 per cent of the cost of improvements, up to a maximum of $11,250 including GST.

Managing Director of Sure Insurance, Bradley Heath said the Household Resilience Program provided a financial incentive to eligible householders in cyclone risk areas to install a range of approved works to protect their homes.

“Owner-occupiers in homes built before 1984, and located within 50km of the coastline from Bundaberg to the Queensland/Northern Territory border may be eligible for a grant so I urge householders to fully explore assistance available under the Program,” said Mr Heath.

“Householders should be aware that installing cyclone resilience measure to their homes they are able to lower their home insurance premiums.”

“Sure Insurance knows many people in Regional Queensland have taken steps to reduce cyclone damage and we take into account home resilience measures not only for cyclone, but also against flood, bushfire and theft when we calculate and deliver a reduced insurance premium,” said Mr Heath.

“Where the likelihood of damage to a home is reduced through resilience measures, the cost of insurance on the property is reduced – less risk equates to less premium – it’s as simple as that.”

“Sure Insurance understands Regional and North Queensland are prone to extreme weather events and believes incentivising householders to make their homes more cyclone resilient and to prepare for events will further assist in reducing insurance premiums,” said Mr Heath.

Additional information, eligibility criteria and how to apply for a Household Resilience Program grant, visit:

Sure Insurance Cyclone Resilience Home Insurance Premium Discounts:

    • All windows have plywood coverings – 5%
    • All windows have cyclone shutters – 10%
    • Aftermarket roller door bracing installed – 5%
    • New roller door installed after 2012 – 5%
    • Complete roof replacement, with Form 16 compliance with relevant building regulations – 30%
    • Original roof cladding has been replaced and sarking installed – 10%
    • Ridge caps have been upgraded, or roof has been re-screwed – 5%
    • Sheds/ Outhouses cyclone rated and anchored to concrete slab – 5%
    • Shed/ Outhouses Cyclone kit installed and anchored to concrete slab – 5%
    • Shed/ Outhouses Cyclone kit installed and NOT anchored to concrete slab – 2%

Further information contact Mike Sopinski on 0421 052 598.