Deadlocks & Home Security raise QLD Fire danger

Jun 16

Sure Insurance today urged Queensland householders to ensure deadlocked doors and home security measures do not prevent a quick escape in the event of a fire.

Managing Director of Sure Insurance, Bradley Heath said many householders were preventing an easy escape by not leaving keys in deadlocked doors.

“Queensland householders need to be aware of the danger deadlocked doors and extra home security pose to occupants, especially during the high-risk winter months,” said Mr Heath.

“Making the home secure against theft is important with deadlocked doors and windows and security grills. The critical issue during this high-risk period is that these security measures may prevent occupants from quickly escaping from a fire.”

“Over the past few years, tragic fires have occurred across Queensland where
victims were trapped in houses by deadlocked doors, and in some cases fire fighters were not able to easily enter the property.”

“It’s vital residents leave keys in deadlocked doors when they are at home, to ensure people can get out of the house if a fire breaks out.”

“You must be able to quickly escape from a burning home, and this is especially important for the safety of elderly, the infirm and young children,” said Mr Heath.

Sure Insurance urged householders to consider the home security safety tips
provided by the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES):

•   Install deadlocks that can be opened from the inside without keys.
•   Ensure keys are readily available if needed: Leave the key in the lock or on  a hook on the centre of the door but out of reach of potential intruders.
•   Limit the number of keys needed to open doors by having locks keyed        alike.
•   When installing security grills on windows, select a unit that features keyless options on the inside.
•   Ensure that any window grill bars/screens readily open outwards from the
•   Be prepared to smash a window as a means of escape. Use a solid object to
break the window, and clear away jagged glass. Place a blanket over the
window frame to protect yourself against cuts.

“Through adopting these home safety practices the winter season will be safer for all Queensland householders,” said Mr Heath.