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Apr 14

Sure Insurance today revealed the level of action its North Queensland policyholders have taken to protect their homes against cyclone damage under the company’s innovative ‘Built for North Queensland Household Resilience Program’.

The regional Queensland insurance specialist has over the past two years recorded a significant increase in the number of its policyholders installing protection to their homes while accessing premium discounts of up to 45 percent off cyclone premiums through its household resilience program.

Bradley Heath Managing Director Sure Insurance said we’ve seen a remarkable number of Sure Insurance policyholders across Cairns (80.0 percent), Townsville (96.0 percent) and Mackay (91.5 percent) access premium discounts by taking some form of action to protect their homes against damage from cyclones.

The most commonly installed North Queensland home cyclone resilience measures include:

Resilience works Cairns Townsville Mackay
Cyclone rated shed & outhouses 31.2% 74.4% 66.0%
New roller door post-2012 24.2% 31.0% 41.0%
Roof upgrade & sarking installed 18.5% 26.0% 21.0%

“Greater household resilience, enhanced community mitigation works and
appropriate building and planning requirements in a whole-of-government approach in co-operation with the insurance industry will create safer communities and deliver more affordable premiums,” Mr Heath said.

“It’s an extremely positive outcome that recognition and reward for household resilience improvements has encouraged so many North Queensland policyholders to protect their homes against cyclone damage.”

“We urge state and federal governments to provide North Queensland householders with further resilience support from the recently announced Resilient Residential Recovery Package.”

“By installing resilience measures not only will householders be able to access
insurance premium discounts, but also enhance the structural safety of their homes and potentially add value to it,” Mr Heath said.

The Sure Insurance ‘Built for North Queensland Household Resilience Program’ provides a range of insurance premium discounts for Cyclone, Storm, Flood and Bushfire events – including a comprehensive household recovery benefit of up to $10,000 in home resilience improvements following major damage from these events.

• Complete roof replacement, with Form 16 compliance, with relevant building
regulations 30%
• Original roof cladding replaced and sarking installed 10%
• All windows – cyclone shutters 10%
• All windows – plywood coverings 5%
• Aftermarket roller door bracing installed 5%
• New roller door installed post-2012 5%
• Ridge caps upgraded or roof re-screwed 5%
• Sheds / Outhouses cyclone rated and anchored to concrete slab 5%
• Shed / Outhouses cyclone kit installed and anchored to concrete slab 5%

• Permanent barriers installed 20%
• Automatic barriers installed 20%
• Flood resistant doors and windows 10%
• Anti-backflow valves installed 5%

• Up to $10,000 in household mitigation improvements following major damage caused by cyclone, flood or bushfire.
• Up to 18 months of temporary accommodation.

Further information contact Mike Sopinski on 0421 052 598.

*Ranked by Sure Insurance Cairns, Townsville & Mackay policyholders accessing home resilience premium discounts: March 2022