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What areas do Sure Insurance cover?

Sure insures home and contents for mainland regional Queensland. From Maryborough to the Cape, to Mt Isa in the west, we offer insurance in the following regions: Maryborough, Bundaberg, parts of the Wide bay area , Rockhampton, Marlbourgh, Mackay, Proserpine, Townsville, Ingham, Cairns, Cape York, Mt Isa and inland regional Queensland.

If there is an embargo in force for your location ahead of a possible catastrophic event, new business policies and certain amendments to existing insurance policies will not be offered.

What is covered in my home and contents policy?

  • Home – covers your building(s) and fixtures at the insured address
  • Contents – covers your household goods and personal items
  • Home and Contents – covers your building(s), fixtures, household goods and personal items.

Am I covered for cyclones, flood and bushfire?
Yes, cyclone, flood and bushfire are automatically included in you cover.

For full details of what is covered please refer to the PDS.

Are there any exclusions for new policies?

We do not cover you for any loss or damage caused by a bushfire, storm or rainwater runoff (including cyclone), flood (including water runoff) or tsunami within the first 72 hours of your policy commencing unless you are renewing a policy with us, commencing a new policy with us at the expiration of another policy which covered the same risks or have purchased a new home.

For full details of what is covered please refer to the PDS.

How much should I insure my home for?

Your home sum insured is the amount you choose to cover your home. It needs to be sufficient to cover the cost to rebuild your home if it is totally destroyed as a result of an insured event, including any additional costs to comply with current building laws. It is your responsibility to make sure that your home is insured for its full current replacement value, including GST. When calculating the sum insured for your home do not include it’s land value.

For more information on what should be included in your home sum insured please refer to the PDS or go to our building sum insured calculator.

How much should I insure my contents for?

Your contents sum insured is the amount you choose to cover your household goods and personal items. It needs to be sufficient to cover the cost to replace all of your contents if they are totally destroyed as a result of an insured event. It is your responsibility to make sure that your contents are insured for their full current replacement value, including GST.

For more information on what should be included in your contents sum insured please refer to the PDS or go to our contents sum insured calculator at contents sum insured calculator.

What responsibilities do I have?
You must:

  • keep your home and/or contents in ‘good condition’ as defined in the PDS
  • take all reasonable precautions to prevent theft, loss or damage to any property insured under your policy.
  • comply with all of the terms and conditions of your policy.
  • provide us the information we request from you when making a claim under your policy.
  • ensure that your home complies with all relevant local government and/or statutory requirements.


For further details please refer to Important Information in the PDS.


Why we don't promise to be the cheapest every time?

While Sure Insurance is dedicated to putting fairness first, we don’t claim to be the cheapest every time. What we do say is we’ll save customers about 20 per cent on their insurance premiums on average.

We base this analysis on 3,690 online new business home & contents insurance quotes collected in October 2023 for regional Queensland. Based upon the sample average, Sure Insurance was 20 per cheaper, but there were rare occasions when we were more expensive.

So why is Sure sometimes more expensive? Insurance fundamentally is the purpose of spreading the risk amongst a large number of policy holders with similar risk profiles over a period of time.

‘Similar risk profiles’, is one of the key differences we’re trying to achieve at Sure. Our goal is make the effort to risk rate your property based on your specific circumstances and those of your property. We’ll ask questions about your individual property, not just your postcode.

Take Townsville for example. We don’t see Townsville as one giant flood risk. In fact, our data shows 69 per cent of the houses in Townsville have a zero flood risk. That means we don’t charge 69 per cent of the homes in Townsville for flood as that simply wouldn’t be fair.

What this does mean however, is there is no cross subsidisation for those homes which are deemed to be high flood. While this is unfortunate for these people, we believe it’s fairer for the majority and is at the heart of our ‘similar risk profiles’ principle.

Because we’re committed to fairness, we don’t just forget about those in areas with higher risks, so we offer some substantial discounts if certain mitigation measure have been put in place. These include:

Up to 30% off the cyclone premium if you have had a full roof replacement, plus a further 10% off if you have installed cyclone shutters, plus a further 5% if you have cyclone ready roller doors and sheds.

Similar for flood mitigation, 20% off the flood premium if barriers have been installed, plus a further 10% if flood resistant doors and windows have been installed, and a further 5 % if anti-backflow valves have been installed.

Bushfire, 30% off the bushfire component for sprinkler systems and 5% for gutter guards.

We won’t always be the cheapest, but we do promise our customers fairness and transparency as we strive to challenge the status quo and proactively make home insurance fairer for regional Queenslanders.

How do I retrieve my quote?

Sign in at Sure Self Service. We have stored all of your quotes in one place, which will help you when you come to buy your policy. After you’ve signed in, you can accept a quotation to set up your policy.

How long is my quote valid for?

Quotes remain valid for up to 30 days.

Event Cover

What event cover is included as standard?

As a customer of Sure Insurance, you receive automatic cover for cyclones and storms, including storm surge. You receive automatic cover for flood and fire, including bushfire and if your home is unliveable as a result of an event, you will also receive temporary accommodation for up to 18 months (up to 10% of the sum insured). For full details of what is covered please refer to the PDS.


What should I do with perishable items such as food & wet carpets?

It is important to discard any food exposed to floodwater or food that has been contaminated as a result of a weather event impacting the home. When it comes to wet carpets etc, take photos and tear off barcodes or cut out a small piece of carpet to keep for insurance purposes and then dispose of the rest of the item. 


What should I do with non-perishable items?

Do not discard until the item has been assessed for insurance purposes to determine if it can be repaired or needs replacing. Barcodes, photos etc will be required for the claim. 


What about electrical items?

Check whether electricity, gas or water supplies have been affected. Check for gas leaks and treat all electrical items with extreme caution and don’t use electrical appliances that have been wet. 


Do I lock my house up?

Take photos of any items which could become a health and safety hazard and throw them out. Keep your home well ventilated to let it dry, but do not leave your home open when unattended.​ 


How do I change my credit card/ bank account details?

Call Sure on 1300 392 535 and we will update the details for you.

Policy Changes

Can I update my policy online?

We are constantly improving and will have this available soon. Until then, for all policy changes, please call Sure on 1300 392 535 and we will update the details for you.

Can I get a copy of my documents online?

Sign in at Sure Self Service, to see all valid quotes and view all copies of your policy documents.



How do I make a claim?

Simply call 1300 392 535 or start your claim online at sure-insurance.com.au/claims

How long does it take to assess my claim?

Sure Insurance will deal with your claim within the following timeframes –

  • New claims will be registered and an acknowledgement email sent upon lodgement.
  • Our initial claim assessment will lead to a decision, or a request for further information from the claimant and/or third party to support the claim within 5 -7 business days from when the claim was registered.
  • Once all the required information for the claim is received by Sure, a decision will be made and the outcome communicated to the claimant and/or representative, within 5 business days.
  • Sure will deliver follow-ups and/or updates on the progress of the claim at least every 10 business days.


How will you settle my claim?

We will settle your claim utilising our repairers and suppliers to ensure you’re put back in the position you were prior to the loss or damage that has occurred.

Am I entitled to a cash settlement?

You may be entitled to a cash settlement if we are unable to repair or replace your items.

Do you use local tradespeople?

We prioritise the use of local tradespeople, suppliers and where possible the job completed at a competitive price and quality.

Do I have to pay an excess?

The claim may attract one or more excesses. These are detailed in the policy schedule and should be read in conjunction with the PDS (policy wording).


How do I renew my policy?

  • Call Sure on 1300 392 535 and pay with your credit/debit card.
  • Pay via your bank using BPay.
  • We will send you details of your renewal prior to your due date to give you plenty of time to pay for it or update your details
  • Or alternatively you can set up an automatic direct debit, which will automatically renew each year unless you tell us to stop.


Complaint process

At Sure Insurance we will attempt to resolve any complaint or dispute you may have as quickly as possible.

The steps we set out below are part of our complaint and dispute resolution process, the details of which are available by either:

calling us on 1300 392 535; or
visiting our website at sure-insurance.com.au.

Talk to us.

The first thing you should do if you have a complaint is call one of our consultants about your complaint. You can also write to us at complaints@sure-insurance.com.au or PO Box 487, Capalaba, QLD 4157.

We will respond to your complaint as soon as possible but will aim to respond within 30 calendar days of receipt of your complaint provided we have all the information we need to complete any investigation required.

If we are unable to respond within 30 calendar days of receipt of your complaint, we will contact you to explain why. More complex complaints may take longer to resolve. Should we need more information or time to resolve your complaint, we will contact you to let you know.

After our first contact, we will keep you informed about the progress of your complaint at least every 10 business days unless you agree to extend that period.

If our decision does not resolve your complaint to your satisfaction or if we do not resolve your complaint within 30 calendar days of the date we first received your complaint, you may refer your complaint to the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA).

External Dispute Resolution

AFCA provides an independent financial services complaint resolution service that is free to consumers if the complaint is one that falls within AFCA’s Terms of Reference.

You can contact AFCA by visiting the website, calling or writing to:

External dispute resolution determinations made by AFCA are binding upon us in accordance with the AFCA Terms of Reference.

If AFCA advises you that the AFCA Terms of Reference do not extend to you or your dispute, you can seek independent legal advice or access any other external dispute resolution options that may be available to you.

Financial Claims Scheme

Financial claims scheme
The Financial Claims Scheme protects general insurance policy holders from potential loss if a financial institution fails. You may be entitled to a payment under the Financial Services Claims Scheme if you meet their eligibility criteria. If you would like more information about the scheme, please contact:

Online fcs.gov.au; or
Call 1300 558 849.

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