Resilience Reports Deliver Huge Insurance Savings For Residential Strata Properties

Sep 10

The NQSTIP offers free property inspection reports and provide estimates of the current resilience of strata properties against future cyclone damage along with recommendations, where appropriate, for maintenance, upgrades or changes to enhance resilience.

Managing Director of Sure Insurance, Bradley Heath said we strongly support the NQSTIP and urge Cairns residential strata Body Corporates to take up the free Strata Resilience Reports and assessments that may deliver considerable savings on the cost of skyrocketing residential strata insurance.

“Sure Insurance is committed to offering a genuine alternative, a fair go and more affordable insurance options for regional, North and Far North Queenslanders – that’s why we introduced our Residential Strata Insurance policy and strongly support the NQSTIP as a way to deliver additional savings on residential strata premiums, while encouraging and enhancing resilience,” said Mr Heath.

“Sure Insurance utilises the voluntary NQSTIP reports to reward Proactive Body Corporates who have invested in property resilience with lower premiums.”

“We live in North Queensland, a region that has to be prepared for cyclones. The NQSTIP is helping residents who have strata titled buildings to be aware of how they can become more resilient through having an assessment on their buildings. Put simply you get to understand maintenance issues and can attend to them prior to an event,” said Pat Driscoll Program Director.

“Identifying possible causes of damage if there was to be a major wind and rain event puts the strata titled property owner on the front foot,” he said.

“We are talking about potential large cost savings with properties that score well on the Strata Resilience Report receiving premium reductions of around ten per cent (10%) on average to date,” said Mr Heath.

“This has resulted in hundreds and even thousands of dollars of premium savings for struggling Body Corporates.”

The free NQSTIP inspections are provided for strata properties within 100 km of the coast, north of the southernmost boundary of the Rockhampton Regional Council area, extending to the QLD/NT border, and include islands off the Queensland coast. Properties within 50 km of the coast are in Wind Region C, and properties between 50 and 100 km of the coast are in Wind region B, as shown in the Wind Region map of Queensland.

Sure Insurance has already rewarded thousands of regional Queensland householders with discounts for making their home more resilient, and now Sure Insurance is rewarding Proactive Body Corporates across Cairns who have invested in making their buildings more resilient,” said Mr Heath.

Sure Insurance encourages Body Corporates to authorise their Body Corporate Manager or Insurance Broker to arrange a free NQSTIP inspection and assessment. The North Queensland Strata Inspection Program (NQSTIP) is funded by the Australian Federal Government, administered by the Queensland Government, and independently developed and implemented by the James Cook University.

For more information about the North Queensland Strata Inspection Program visit:

For further information contact:
Mike Sopinski, Sure Insurance 0421 052 598
Pat Driscoll, James Cook University STIP Director 0418 778 659