Insurance Premium ‘salvation’ Delivered To Far North Queensland Mum

Oct 18

Julie Reis of Tully experienced ‘insurance shock’ of the worst kind after her previous insurer raised her annual home and contents policy premium from $5,700 to a staggering $13,496.

Ms Reis lodged a rain damage claim on her policy and was advised by her insurer making the claim would not send her premium higher. However, the premium on renewal was almost tripled and only after pleading with her insurer it was reduced to double the previous year’s premium.

Managing Director of Sure Insurance, Bradley Heath said after reading of her plight in the Cairns Post and Townsville Bulletin newspapers we reached out to see how Sure Insurance might be able to assist.

“We applied our specialist pricing expertise to her property and were able to insure her home and contents at a total annual premium of only $2,726 – almost $3,000 dollars less than the original cost of her combined household insurance and over $10,000 less than her renewal.”

“After almost two-years of operation our pricing expertise has delivered average annual household insurance premium savings of over 35% or $1,400 per customer across central, north and Far North Queensland,” Mr Heath said.

“Sure Insurance is able to deliver these premium savings through our unique technical insights into the pricing of household insurance across the region, allowing us to effectively provide our best possible price on home and contents insurance.”

“We are committed to delivering household and residential strata insurance premium savings in the midst of the on-going insurance affordability ‘crisis’.

“It’s through our personalised individual customer service and looking closely at each individual’s property that we fully consider any cyclone, bushfire and flood resilience measures added to homes.

“It’s why we recommend to homeowners they spend 15 minutes to get a quote from Sure either online or by phoning our specialist team members. It can save you thousands.

“Sure Insurance is all about providing real savings on household and residential strata insurance today, not tomorrow, not next year – today,” Mr Heath said.

For further information contact Mike Sopinski on 0421 052 598.