TC Jasper Cyclone Urgent Home Safety Alert

Dec 12

Regional Household Insurance specialist, Sure Insurance, has urged far north Queensland householders to take immediate safety precautions and to prepare their homes as Tropical Cyclone Jasper is expected to hit land in the next 24 to 48 hours.    

Latest reports have indicated TC Jasper will likely cross the coast to the north of Cairns as a category 2 or 3 cyclone, bringing extreme rain, high winds and flooding to widespread areas both north and south of the city.       

Bradley Heath Managing Director of Sure Insurance said we’re urging householders in areas in the path of the cyclone to take immediate steps to minimise the risk of property damage and personal injury during the cyclone. 

“Now is the time to act if possible, but not immediately before or when the cyclone hits as it will be too dangerous to be outdoors,” he said. 

Sure Insurance recommends householders take these immediate precautionary actions where able to be carried out safely:

  • Clear your yard of loose items or at least secure them
  • Ensure you have your emergency kit stocked, ready and available
  • Have a battery radio and torch available
  • An available list of all local emergency contact numbers
  • Turn off all electrical appliances to avoid damage from power surges
  • Identify and occupy your home’s safe room if required
  • Secure and make safe pets.

“Listen for weather warnings and emergency service announcements on radio and television, and check local government websites. This information will keep you up-to-date on TC Jasper, and where emergency assistance and support is available,” said Mr Heath. 

The Sure Insurance claims assistance telephone contact is 1300 392 535

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Further information contact Mike Sopinski on 0421 052 598.