Sure Insurance ready to assist flood-affected Far North QLD customers

Dec 18

Northern Queensland Household Insurance specialist, Sure Insurance, is ready to provide urgent assistance and support to its flood-affected customers across Cairns and far north Queensland.

Bradley Heath, Managing Director of Sure Insurance said we are ready to immediately respond to this widespread and catastrophic flood event once access is safe and permitted by authorities. We will be working closely with emergency services and disaster management agencies to coordinate our response.”

“The current problem is that this remains a rapidly developing dangerous flood situation, with emergency services in the process of conducting life saving operations.”

Sure Insurance has established a dedicated 24/7 priority online event claims capability and an emergency telephone line enabling customers with flood damage or requiring assistance to contact us.

“We have emergency accommodation and cash assistance available for affected customers requiring this level of support,” said Mr Heath.

    “We have expert assessing staff and senior claim decision makers on the ground in Cairns, and are ready to commence assessing damaged property as soon as permitted into disaster areas.”

    “We will be prioritising customers with major property damage, and those with special needs circumstances such as health issues and specific medical requirements.”

    “If you have experienced property damage, require emergency assistance or have special health or medical circumstances – please call us immediately,” said Mr Heath.

    Sure Insurance telephone: 1300 392 535:

    Sure Insurance website:

    Further information contact Mike Sopinski on 0421 052 598.